2018, AMIGOS!!!!!!

​Happy new year, people!!!!
I only say this now because I haven’t been up to writing for a while. My writing mojo had so aptly deserted me. Each time I’ve thought of writing something, my poor fingers have protested so adamantly. Watch TV instead, they screamed at me. Just do something else. You have nothing to say. 
But today, I decided to ignore all that and just come out and say hi. How did your year end? How is your new year going so far? Do you see growth in the next few months? Do you feel stagnated? Are you super hyped, or do you already feel discouraged? Perhaps you are just feeling a little “same” about everything. Like, what’s the deal with new years? Days are pretty much the same, right?
Well, no matter how you feel, welcome to 2018, a new block of days. Purpose to do something. Start a business, fall in love, change someone’s life. Perhaps not as dramatic as that. You could just change the way you think, or something as mundane as being nicer to your neighbour. You don’t have to take a thousand steps to be in a greater place. Sometimes, all you need to take is just one step.
I know nothing about your life. I know not what demons you have to fight daily. I don’t undestand your struggles like you do, or even your joys. But know this…you are going to make it through. You are going to be fine. Everyone may be soaring already, but take your time to crawl first. You are going to fly. Adversity may come, but that is not your permanent address. When I say something, I know that it shall be. Just watch. Let our hashtag for this year be #GoMe2018. Take your inventory now and make comparisons at the end of the year, and you will see. You can tots tell me when you notice the change in you come December! Celebrate all the small victories! Buy yourself icecream when you ace that test, and if that adds calories to you, you can totally just downplay the calories. Let no victory go unnoticed.
Also, God loves you. You may be tired of hearing it, but it’s true. God loves you, chum!




​Week 41
Romance novels, what do you want from us?! I get it: create characters to drool over and a love that makes us cry!
Check out some of these major protagonist characteristics:
1) Gorgeous hair (you can’t just have boring stuff happening on your head); the ladies have uncontrollable hair of weird colours!
2) Rock hard abs and pecs (ROCK-HARD- are you going to use them as weapons?! As if not looking like a medical muscular diagram never got anyone a girl!)
3) Billionaires (who are always men with twisted minds, thinking money and position gives them some sort of right to dominance)
4) Broken…yeah, they have a tragic backstory. I know, tragic stuff pulls at our heart strings and makes us feel connected, but trying to make me feel sorry for a twisted-minded person is a bit of a reach
5) Untold beauty- the women are gorgeous, blonde, curvy-and-so-feel-undesirable, not-billionaires, sheep-like, possibly rude in the name of independence
6) Litanies of sexual encounters in the strangest graphic detail…it’s like everyone is doing that now! Let’s not forget the kissing that makes it seem as though they are all trying to devour (literally) each other!
It’s true; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can definitely love these kinds of books if you want to. Go after the innocent Mills and Boon ones; or perhaps you are on the Fifty Shades train. 
However, remember when vampire novels all came and skewed our views on high school romance? Well, nowadays you have to blush through half the book at least, else it’s not romance. Few people can opt to choose the likes of Jane Eyre and Pride&Prejudice these days!
So for me, it’s overrated! And yes, this is just an opinion. You are entitled to yours! But to our esteemed writers with an interest in this genre, please give us new directional romances. I would be happy to read them, like, seriously. 
If I’ve offended you by attacking your sexy highlanders and rogues with less manners, forgive me. Happy reading to all of us!!!!!
2017, let’s do this!

Week 30

Good day to you, my fair people. I don’t actually talk like that- I just wanted to take the time to bring you round to one little point.

Life is serious.

But, honey, not so serious as to make you forget to let go once in a while and be free to do whatever you desire. Not so serious that you cannot smile, perhaps laugh at something silly. You can actually sit back, raise your feet, sip some tea (or if you are into coffee, then by all means go right ahead), watch some TV, read a good book, start a conversation, draw a picture, seek humour in simple things…do something to remind yourself that life is not all about spreadsheets and hard-to-achieve targets.

I know, I know; some of you may be thinking: does she know what she is talking about? Does she know what I do?

  1. I am a doctor! saving lives is an all-hours job!
  2. It took me 10 years to get this job! I do not have the time to dillydally!
  3. I run my own business- I do not have the time for crossword puzzles
  4. She must be bored with her life- spending time writing useless blogs

Well, yeah, maybe, but when you tell the story of your life to your progeny or whoever looks up to you, they don’t want to hear about how you just can’t get away from the hustle and bustle. Even in job interviews, they ask you about hobbies- what you do when you are not working.

Maybe work is your life- I totally get that. But work at making it not all about work.

Let go, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Enjoy life!

#2017, let’s do this!


Week 29

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been unreliable for the past weeks, but I am going to try to be consistent. Just pray for me- it ain’t easy!

Today, all I want to say to you, is be true to yourself. you may put on the masks that entice and sway other people.  But when you get home, deep in the confines of your bedroom where your most vulnerable self should be evident…there, be true to yourself. Tell yourself no lies. Give yourself no fake consolation. Smother yourself not with all that nonsense that must be filling your mind all day.

Do yourself a favour: just be you.

#2017, let’s do this!


Week 20, 21 

Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)  

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
This is very true. Your fight is not against that annoying person next to you. Whether you believe it or not, spiritual powers are always at work around you. But we are grateful to God for His grace to take us through these moments and keep us alive and sane. Have no fear. With Christ in you, you do not have to fear a single thing!
God loves you FATLY! 
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 17, 18
So, today, I just wanted to say hello. How are you doing? How is your life at this point in time? What makes you tick? Where do you want to be?
However you feel today, whatever the issue, you are blessed. You are strong. You are unique. You are phenomenal. You are loved.
You have everything you need to get through whatever you may be going through. Smile. Eres fantastico! God loves you mucho!
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 15, 16
I sat back recently and thought about my life, chastising myself for all the goals I set and never working towards them. Literally running out of focus so that in the end, I actually get nothing done. I have become so poor at following my own rules. It’s like discipline abandoned me somewhere along adult road. Soooo frustrating!
But then, Christ died for me. He came down from Heaven in the form of mere man and died for a one Ray who would live on earth more than 2000 years later. I feel useless a lot of the time, but never truly so because God loves me. Because He knows I can amount to something greater than my wildest dreams. Because God has great plans for me: plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me a hope and a future.
I may be worthless in the eyes of many, but I’m priceless in the eyes of Him who really matters- Him who created me. Doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like it- I am a great person. I can overcome. I can be better.
And so can you.
Please, if you know someone who might need to read these words and be encouraged, please let them do so. I also want to encourage you personally. You are awesome. Sure, you may not have reached your true potential by now. But time is a kinetic factor. You are getting there, one step at a time.
God loves you king size!
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 14
Open your heart

That the bad may flow

Right out of those vessels

Cleansing you from within.
Open your heart

That the good may rush in

Take the place of all sin

Filling you with great light.
Open your heart

Let Jesus come right in

Wave the palms with joy

And humbly let Him in.
Open your heart

Be completely transformed

Be for real changed

When you open your heart.
Have a great week! God loves you!

2017, let’s do this!

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