Just Pray

It’s always been said that the distance between a problem and a solution is the same distance between your knees and the floor. You can imagine how amazing it all is- that the Almighty God who seems like this scary person waiting to chastise, is actually only a prayer away. So much happens each day- sometimes you just cannot take it in. People betray you, people say stuff about you that your parents would surely be ashamed of…people do a lot of things to bring you down. You have heard of the story of the carrot, the egg, and the coffee. When all of them went through the turmoil of hot water, the carrot came out soft, the egg hard, but the coffee blended right in. Be like the coffee, not like the other two. When things just seem to be pressing down so heavily on you, just pray. God is always willing to listen to you, hug you, hold you for as long as you like, and help you through it all!


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