Let’s face it- everyone has a right to be angry; even the most saintly people you know. It’s only in our nature. Something out there can really mess you up and you just have to forget niceties for a while and huff. We all have those moments, but we are defined by what we do about it. You see, the start may be the same for everyone- getting angry. The end is usually the most important part of any story, and the dance of the tale is entirely in your court. Never let the sun go down while you are still angry. If you get angry in the night, then sleep on it and wake up happier. If you don’t sleep…well, get some sedatives to help you do so. What I guess I am saying is that there is just too much everyday to set you off. You can choose to ignore, but if you just can’t, hold on to some  control. It’s OK to get a distraction. Do something else, talk to someone, make someone laugh. Do not pull others down with your foul mood. You wouldn’t want them to do the same toy you. All in all, hang on to that control. You are the strongest person in the world! xoxo


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