Doing Your Best

Doing your best has never been easy. I mean, how does anyone even know that they are doing their best without having some kind of positive feedback from an outside party? Truth is, many times we are all really trying to get through the day, and we want someone to notice that we are trying as hard as we can to do something worthwhile- something that is going to show the people out there that we are worth something. Of course, more times that we desire, our best efforts get thrown out the window on grounds that they are really not good enough to meet certain standards. This might leave you wondering: what are the people who set these standards made of? Are they made of ice? Do they not understand what it feels like to have your dreams trampled all over like they never held any value in the first place? It’s sooooooo annoying! Only you can feel those tears that start to bud at the back of your eyes when you get stamped “REJECTED”. Please do not throw your fighting spirit away. A person who has lived a few years has overcome some major setbacks and made some life changing decisions for the better. So, just keep on. Those ideas will flow. You will be better than you ever hoped. Why? Because you are so capable of so much more than anyone would expect of you. Surprise everyone sometime!



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