“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

There is so much power in those simple ten words; so much more power than I could ever imagine. These were the words of Jesus as he was on that cross, looking down at all the little people who His Father had made, lashing out at the Son of God. It was a painful moment in history, but then, there is no gain without pain. The intense pain that was experienced on that day could never have shown the true intensity and magnitude of the glory that was to follow from that moment on to now, thousands of years later. If that was your son, would you let him be crushed by strangers as you just looked on? Would the sight of it all be appealing to your eye? I am inclined to doubt that this would be OK to anyone who depends on oxygen. It was like a small bunch of ants attacking a giant. God had the authority to do anything; to send lighting, fire and brimestone upon the sons of men. They were treating His Son like a piece of trash. For crying out loud, they even chose Barrabas over Jesus! Like what kind of morality was going on in those days???? In our standards, it would have taken a lot to make this decision. But hey, they did not know that God really did have a plan. He had an awesome plan: to save mankind from eternal damnation. He was ready to endure all this animosity towards His son just so you and me could be here today, live with no doubt of life and peace; have a life that was actually worth living. That was the day love made history: pure, unadulterated love that knows no limits and has no end.

I do know that this may not appeal to everyone, but it is true. Take some time to think about it. Sometimes, often more than not, you need a higher perspective.



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