Ever sat there and felt like you were in such deep trouble that there was absolutely no way you were getting out? or like you have this really big problem and you just don’t trust yourself to get through it unscathed? Or, you know…a feeling of being stuck somewhere and you just can’t move? Oh goodness, it’s exasperating! It’s like you just traveled to the very depths of yourself and you have no ropes or ladders to climb back and redeem yourself.

And then, out of the blue, you get this phone call; or meet this person, and they start telling you how they believe in you; how they know that you can make it through anything. Goodness, you never even told them you were in a pot of hot soup! To them, you are like the person to run to in case of anything. Yeah, you may call it coincidence, but then, I do not believe in coincidences. I call that ‘divine intervention’. I guess it sounds a bit corny, but the fact still remains: God knows when you feel like you have reached your limit and you just can’t trust in yourself. He knows that at times you feel like trusting Him is impractical, and He understands. That is why He sends you someone on your human level- someone you can listen to in the moment- when you need it most; to tell you that there is no use nullifying yourself and just resigning; because believe it or not, there is so much that you can do in certain situations, but just because this is the first you are facing it, it seems like there is utterly no antidote. Well, God did make us in a special way. Be resourceful; pull out your biggest guns and face that problem head-on. And don’t worry; you are going to be just fine!



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