Happy New Year to everyone out there who is reading this! I thank God for bringing us to yet another year! To be honest, entering a new year is one of those things I do every 365 days in the hope that I can make something better of myself. I do realise that there are times when I am bound to feel less than I believe am meant to be…kinda like today. I know that there are times where I will soar so high it will be hard to catch up. There are going to be moments of real laughter, and boy am I a good laugher! 😀 I guess what am trying to say is that it does not matter how things may have disappointed you. The reason we have fresh starts is so we can do the same thing in a different way, or do something new altogether. And the whole concept of new beginnings is up to you. Some people actually take the new year to be a new burden. It all depends on where your head’s at. But I pray that this year, you will get what you desire the most according to God’s will. You are loved no matter how you feel. We are still in Jan, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves by concluding that this might be a hard year. Keep happy and positive about life. Smile. Fall in love. Get a job. Make up for lost time. Rebuild relationships. Forgive. Love yourself. And mostly, have the best 2014!!!!


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