Just because the whole world thinks it’s cool doesn’t mean it is. You know the saying ‘they say so is half a lie’. It’s weird how sometimes we don’t look at the bigger picture. I am from Africa. Here, in the moral and traditional sense, you do not just go around sleeping with anyone and claiming not to have any strings attached. Seriously, that is nonsense. Perhaps it’s because we have borrowed so much from the Western culture that many people would now dub me ‘conservative; old fashioned’. Still, it’s all in self worth. Seriously, what is the aim of sleeping with every single person who is your boyfriend/ girlfriend at a time x? Pleasure? Think they’ll love you more? This is the 21st century, but most times we opt to think like we are mindless- sorry to be blunt. Someone says that they are saving themselves for their spouse and people have the audacity to insult them. It’s pretty sad. Girls over in India get gangraped and someone says that it is right because that is the law if they do something wrong. That’s why I do not tire of saying that we need God more in this generation than ever. We need a change of heart. We need new eyes to see that sexual gratification is not the only thing that needs to make us realise who we are and our worth. ‘Sex sells’ is what people say. Really, are we now chasing only what sells most? I pray that our conscience will receive an awakening. Think about this message. You’re worth more than thoughts about getting entangled in things you have no idea the magnitude of spiritual impact. Keep those eyes open. Please take care of yourself.
xoxo 🙂


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