Yeah, maybe you like to move around being called impossible, horrible, etc…but I believe that almost everyone on earth has that person they regard specially in their heart. If you have such a person- be it family, friends, significant other..a person who doesn’t even know- then you are in the same boat with billions of people. Some people see it as a weakness, but I guess it depends on if you want to see the glass as half empty versus half full. I think such people are a strength; a source of motivation. Sometimes we set out to do what we do in the hopes that we will not bring them shame. We go out of our way to do our best so that they will be proud to know us. I have such people in my life, and I know that you do as well. It is usually worthwhile to do stuff with love in your heart. Don’t let these people go just like that. However, on the contrary, sometimes you have to let them go..but it does not mean that you should start to look upon them with contempt. We are all on this earth together. We all struggle for one thing: to live. Keep those lights in your heart, and be happy!


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