I guess we all have those things that we don’t like about ourselves. Well, I will confess to one thing. When I start to feel exceptionally bad- like in my mind or subconscious- bad things actually do happen. Trust me, I’m not into juju or voodoo or any woo-woo thing like that. I have noticed this for a few years now…it’s kind of creepy. But then again, I feel that God sends me messages through these times, and it surely must be a test of faith. I am not crazy. My parents did not go into some evil forest to ask for my birth. I trust in the Almighty God. When this happens, I pray. I pray away the anxiety and speak a word of hope into the situation. It is in times like this that I acknowledge that I am only human, and standing in the gap for someone is the best I can do. If you have experienced the same, don’t despair. God is with you all the way, and He will give you strength to face anything!


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