Seriously, I feel like going crazy when someone does something totally racist. I hate it so much! Maybe you have never noticed it because you may always be on the upper side of the seesaw, but some of us get really peeved at how shallow some people can be- no offence. Truth is, we are all the same inside: muscles, vessels, blood,’s just the outside that differs. What we look like on the outside is strongly determined by my DNA so please don’t move around dissing people because of their genetics. It’s so immature when people do that. You never had a choice when it came to choosing your skin colour or other associated characteristics, so don’t you think it is unfair to judge people by a card they did not pick in the first place?
Yeah, I know some people do it out of ignorance. Apparently, they cannot associate with something with which they are unfamiliar. Rather, shouldn’t they go out of their way to try and understand? I know that so many times we rely on stereotypes..but that’s all they are. Please do not apply them to everyone you meet. Seriously, this is a serious issue. Be respectful. Take time to understand. Not all black people are hooligans..because the truth is that they are the ones that always end up on the prejudiced end. Seriously, this world will be a much better place if we just be mature and accept people as they come.
Just saying.


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