Have you ever been there, minding your own business when suddenly the utmost grade of filth reaches your ears? You hear a rumour about you that it is so bad..bad to the extent that it could even be illegal?! Something that someone built out of a horrible experience you had or something innocent that you said. I HATE GOSSIP! People who function on baseless, careless, godless chatter are a pain. For real, I know people are wonderful and stuff, but I guess these are times when we think about that notion and just give it up. Sometimes, there’s only so much that someone can take. If you have ever spread a rumour about someone, know that it hurts so much and sometimes they can’t tell you. I will not impose my fury on you, readers. However. I suggest that we polish ourselves this month to be better people than we were in February. Have a lovely week y’all!


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