“God, You bring joy to my life, and I love who You are
Noone can compare to You, and that’s why You’re a star
I know that You’ll never change, and I’ll be proud of Your name
’cause I’m your number one fan.”
-Canton Jones

I love this song so much, and it also portrays how I feel about God. I would not be here without Him. Without God, I am nothing. I can never be anything worthwhile if God is not on my side. The same thing applies to you. God loves you too much. God watches over you day and night. Even when you think that He has never given you anything; that He is a myth; that He is a traitor, then you’re wrong. You may think that you gave Him a chance and now His twenty minutes are over..but He is always with you. He’s your guide and your biggest supporter. He really wants you to succeed. So let’s be fans together. Let’s honour God together. After all, we did not get here by ourselves. We are here by His grace.


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