I know it’s been a while, but I guess what matters is that I am here now. For a while, I have been feeling pretty old..not in the age kind of sense. It’s like I am not loving my life as much as, say, 4 years ago. It’s a pretty stupid thing to say, I know, but I don’t know. Ever felt like perhaps you just got older but not wiser? Sometimes I feel like I am not living my life with much purpose. I can do so much better, and that’s what makes me mad. It’s like I am not living my life quite like how God wants me to. However, a few days ago, I learnt about something. I had no idea how close my life was to going up in smoke, but God let me know. Goodness, He saved me. I don’t pay Him to take care of me but the fact that I am still alive up to now just makes me really humbled. I know that I should live right. I will live better from now on, because I have more reverence for God.
He loves you. Sometimes it is important that you take the first step to accept that you need a change in your life. Let go of the garbage, let in the good. Do your best. Trust in a higher power. Trust in the Almighty God. Never give up, dear. Keep on keeping on.


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