Look at yourself in the mirror. Like, really look. You think all that is a result of the Big Bang theory? Please, give yourself some credit. You were designed; fearfully and wonderfully made. Man may try to replicate things like skin, but it could never match up to the perfection that God has embossed on you.
Henceforth, why do you think that you are nothing? Why despair? I understand that this world can be hard- situations can push you into the corner of oblivion and never care about how you are coping. People can be cruel- stabbing backs and doing all sorts of horrid things.
My message to you today is not to give up. If you feel like nobody is backing you up, know that God is doing just that. If it’s of any help, know that I’m standing in the gap for you too. Never lose faith in yourself and in God. Sometimes we break, but then we mend. Our hearts are fragile, but we go through the uncertainty of each day and thank God for all His blessings. You’re a treasure- nobody on earth could ever replicate you the way God made you. You’re too special- Big Bang theory has nothing on you. When stuff gets tough, well, be determined to rise..to soar.
God bless you!


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