So what happens if you do all you can, deliver that presentation you spent hours working on (including sleep hours), and get a crowd looking at you in confusion with a few sounds of sympathetic applause? Draining, right? Depressing, no kidding.

These are the things that we face in this life. The truth is that you may not always be perfect in every single area of your life, You win some, you lose some; some more than others. Does that mean that you mope around when things go wry and lose sleep and weight and refuse to talk to the world for months? Are you serious? If you kept that up, would you really be able to handle the pressures of the adult life that have not yet manifested?

Not to be harsh or anything, but we have got to grow up. I understand the stress and disappointment and pain of giving your all and then getting trashed like a banana peel, but sweetie, these are the things that build us. This is the stuff that pushes us to be better than we have been; what makes us realise that we cannot just sit back in the well of complacency without a jolt to make us think sharper.

So despair, but for only a short while. You and I both know that you are sharper and brighter than most people may think that you are, so please get off your mourning horse and do something more fabulous. After all, everything in this life is all about learning. Smile, and never lose hope. At least know that I am rooting for you!

xoxo 😉


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