Hello! I hope that everyone is doing alright. It’s been forever since I wrote something. I have been really busy with the whole school shebang. However, I will try to write more. People provide all kinds of inspiration to me; it’s only ‘fair’ (for lack of a better word) that I inspire or help somebody.

So I recently finished my Pharmacy university degree, and I am awaiting internship. I am excited, but then the future holds so much that sometimes I just sit down and resign because sometimes the future is just so scary… if anyone has pointers, I’d be happy to take them!

Still, God has been so good to me. So so faithful. I am glad that I am alive, in good health, and that I am where I am. It is not an easy place to  be (I seem to be babbling, but this is just a case of ‘missing-the-blog-iasis’- lol).

Will be back with something for you guys! Thanks for all the support! God bless you BIG time!


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