Weddings! Weddings! Weddings!

In Uganda, it is customary that before you perform the church wedding, the bride-to-be should officially introduce the man she is going to marry to the rest of her family at a ceremony known as the introduction ceremony or kwanjula or kuhingira. It is a pretty big deal; the guy’s side spends millions buying gifts for the girl’s family.

Recently, there have been so many introductions of people my age. Two friends of mine already joined the club, one will be doing so in August, and then there will be the weddings to attend after that. N.B. These friends of mine are just about my age. I mean, how old could I possibly be? I JUST finished university, and we don’t even attend college first here before university so you get that we are young!

Yeah, the clock ticks, but there is still time for me. There is still time for you too, in case you are wondering. Well, unless you are like past 40 where the pressure is way too high and the clock is chiming loudly in your ears. Otherwise, do not despair. As long as it is in God’s time plan, you will not ‘float’ the blessing. I believe that one day I will be married and have a happy life. I mean, don’t you? But you have to be patient and not accept every substandard maybe that bothers to say hi to you. Keep the standard that you desire. God in His mercy will ensure that He gets you someone that was tailored for you. That is not a fairy tale. Though bad relationships happen, that is not a guarantee that every one you will have will be sour. Avoid these generalisations so that the right person does not walk right past you because you put a ‘Do Not Tamper’ sign on your forehead.

Come on, who doesn’t like some sugar once in a while? Just sit back and wait. Do not despair. This stuff is as real as you and me. Never give up!



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