I still feel kind of emotional (because of John Green).. I still remember some of the patients at the cancer institute. There was this 3 year old who’d gotten bulging eyes and they’d thought it was a thyroid thing but it turned out to be leukemia. A 13 year old boy had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had a leg amputated but came back a few months later in respiratory distress and widespread mets. A lady with breast cancer got brain mets. A kid who’d gone into remission spontaneously relapses and returns with life threatening pneumonia. I’m no doctor. I am only an intern pharmacist. There are treatment options, but they are not absolute. It’s hardly a race for complete cure. Still, I thank all the researchers for every molecule discovered, every protocol made, every effort to wellness. I still wish every hospital room was like those in House, with crash carts and monitors. If you’re a cancer patient or have one, I don’t intend to sound pretentious or anything, but you alone know everything you feel. Some of it vibrates off you onto those around you, but you understand. There isn’t much of a way round, it’s only through. It’s something you have to live with. Don’t let it define you. If in good health, laugh. Watch a great movie. Do what you love, even if it’s within limits. We question the existence of God in such times, and discredit His ways. But there is a reason for everything under the sun: that much I know. Keep on keeping on. Godspeed ❤


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