Wednesday was so amazing! Between fatigue and being busy, all thse hours have gone by without me making an account.
So, it all began as a usual day. The hospital was busy- diabetes day and all. I was manning two wards, collecting data…goodness, you can  only imagine how the day was going.
That evening, a few after seven, I went out with the old Paediatrics team- Ben, Florence, Sharon, Justus, Robert, Reagan, and Grace. With the flow of chips, barbecued chicken and goat, plenty of drinks (I took a Pepsi, for real, no bluff- because I loooove Pepsi), and great conversation, it was easily the easiest and one of the best evenings of my stay in this new district. You guys were allll amazing! I’m so glad I got to work with all of you, know you a little…get to know myself a bit more lol. I had a great time! (That is a lot, coming from me.) Cheers to knowing you guys!!!!
Meanwhile, it was a really cold night and we got home at about half past eleven, and we were locked out- hahahaha! But phew!- the new neighbour opened the gate for us so we just collapsed into our beds.
Can’t wait for something else like this!
#OnTentahooks 😉 😉

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