HAPPY 2016!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is, the start of a new year…2016. Isn’t it amazing how the days seem to drag at first, yet on reaching the end, you seem to think time just flew right past?
2015 was a year with its own issues, like finishing school, getting knocked by bicycles twice in two weeks, moving, starting internship, almost getting bitten by a centipede, the weddings of 3 of my good friends Cyndy, Irene, and Julie; a taste of life without books, trying hard to pass the PSU exam by reading all morning for a month, to mention but a few.
Now the threshold has been crossed. There will be no turning back, no sirree. What I pray for this year is to be the best that I can possibly be (perhaps surpass expectations), become a pharmacist, and learn much. I want to reflect on my past year, look at where I went wrong, what I did right, choose a path. Of course I have to choose a path that God is pleased with. I want Him to steer my life…to bless my family, friends, and me. I don’t want to be afraid to do what I want/ must. I want to be like a butterfly.
I don’t know what your resolutions are this time round, but I want to assure you that your plans are going to fail bug time if God is not a part of them. Be free, meet special people, ride the winds, soar. Never despair; just get up and show up, even when you don’t feel like it. Be reliable. Open your mind.
Happy New Year!
Xoxo 😉

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