Being a girl is sooooooo hard. I mean, ladies and gents, you all must agree.
First off, being pretty is a really amazing gift, but it also attracts annoyance like a magnet. Imagine walking on the streets with all these random men catcalling! So so irritating! Especially those boda boda men and those idlers who think they are gangsters with their balanced shorts, cheap bling and coloured hair. Urgh!
As though that is not enough, there is like a line of guys all wishing they could be your One. It’s like application season at the university. Everyone wants to take you out, prove they are better than that other dude you have your eye on…Some guy will go splash you with fancy gifts and expensive dinners. Some with some weird swag go about buying you weird gifts, like calendars with celebrity photos and clothes that don’t fit! And with all this confusion coming from every corner, sometimes a girl’s just too exhausted that she just ushers in all these “offerings”. And then you go around saying she’s such a player, yet she is confused out of her mind!
Let me tell you something: sometimes it’s not easy to choose. Some people just know who the right guy is, but some just don’t. Guys are not like shoes that you can just try on anyhow…though plenty of girls do. This whole thing of not being able to see the future is a blow at times. You don’t know who is telling the truth, who is duping you…a heart is very difficult to share, but some people find it easier than others.
And on top of all this, you must always look real cool and pretty, because you are destined to be optical nutrition, at least for a time. There is an image to keep!
But honestly, with all this drama, sometimes it all comes down to who you really are.

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