So, Valentine’s day came and went. Perfect situation, dropping on a Sunday like that. Well, don’t get me wrong: am not rubbing some romance in anyone’s face. First off, I’m in this other district, far away from home. Secondly, my roommate ditched me almost all weekend to go be with this guy. Now, I have no guy to brag about so I stayed at home alone, crocheting and writing my novel. No one has really sent me a text or anything, so the world is moving on swiftly in happiness.
Let’s get something straight: am not some old woman with cats. I just finished school, only in my early twenties. I got my life ahead of me so I am not complaining about…
Well, it was just a lonely day, is all. I wish I’d at least been home home. I never feel lonely when I’m there. But here…I feel like this island. I am the most antisocial person I know, but I’ve been working on that. I guess it always turns out the way it does. What will be will be.
But for y’all that had the time of your lives, that’s great! I’m glad that at least someone got to enjoy themselves. Whether family, friend, or more, I pray your relationships last a looooong time.
Have yourself a great week!
Keeping it real.

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