Ever have those people who are part of the team but they just act like they really aren’t? Well, you are not alone. Common occurrences like this ought to be documented.
Well, this experience was for a while back.
Her name is BMG. She is the biggest advocate for teamwork in the world. I mean, duty delegation is where she has her PhD. Everyone on a team has their individual duties, but she gives you the extra that you did not think was required of you. Pharmacist, go mix ORS. Pharmacist, get the liquid soap. Liquid soap. In an old yellow jerrycan. Doctor, go carry oxygen. Doctor, get the stationery…
Eh! And what was she doing in all this time? Let’s see… Attending meetings no one else attends, looking for examination gloves for half a day, entering ward data for a whole week, taking plenty of time off and never actually doing basic duties…
Everyone in that rotation was soooo mad! Questioning their duties.
People like this…I’m sure you can relate.

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