Have you ever sat down, innocently doing your own stuff, when a sad memory just gripped you and you felt paralysed in the moment, then tears just flow down your cheeks because it still affects you emotionally?
Once when my sister was really sick and throwing up everything, she started to speak to me, telling me to be nice to Mum and Dad…in a last words way. I held her hand, and it was cold. And she lay her head to rest, stopped talking. And I thought she was going to die on me. I had no airtime to call my parents, who had gone to work, and I could not leave her alone. I’d never felt so helpless before that. I was frightened. I just cried, and I prayed. And I told her she was going to get better. She could have died that day, but she didn’t. It still makes me cry, but I can never forget what God did for me on that day. He moved Heaven and Earth for me…that’s how I know He’s real. And even though I could not sleep well for days, I will forever be grateful that she made it through that day, and she lives. The devil is a liar. God is great. End of story.

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