They plague our everyday moments, fighting to reveal who we really are. They define us, even when we do not want them to.
I’ve been making some of those lately.
I’ve decided to be a bit nicer to people.
To stop being such a bulldog sometimes.
To accept that people are different, and that they prefer different things, and that is OK.
To accept that life is beautiful, even when I cry.
To keep in mind that God is always good, even when I’m reclining in the shark’s jaws.
To believe that I can be better always- there is no limit to that.
To remember that true love is out there and I do not have to settle for any Tom, Dick and Harry just because my heart stupidly fluttered for a second.
To let loose and let people in.
To never forget that God is sovereign, that He loves me to pieces, and that I adore Him.
To be less haughty- I guess I tend to be sometimes.
To stop dodging the point and to move forward with a force so powerful.
To think carefully about my decisions.
I’ve also decided to acknowledge that my life is not just about/ for me- there are people looking up to me.
So there, I said it.

Nana Ray


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