The first time someone told me that I was their mentor and they were looking up to me, I stared briefly, laughed it off, and went on chatting. But  later on, I thought about it. A lot. I mean, me. Man, I do a lot of neat stuff and whatnot, but I’ve never actually thought that someone could look up to me. And then, it hit me. My life is not just for me. All the things that I do, someone has been watching me. Someone is actually watching me. Like, I’d been feeling kinda invisible for years, and then at 17, someone actually says it to me. This person, whom I shall call Mentee, may never remember this…but it made me think about a lot of stuff.
And so I put my efforts into inspiring Mentee. I studied hard, I was the best. And even though I narrowly missed government sponsorship at the university, I did my best. I tried to show that even someone with some not-so-shiny record like all those other guys could make it. God did not leave me- I did really good.
And it follows me. People look at me like they trust me- that I can do a good job.
I think to some extent, it has become like a disease. People look up to me, and so even when I have no work to do, I find some tiny thing to do. I move up and down, look busy, create tasks. Why? Because someone is always watching, and I want to show them a good example. I have the urge to be different. People also look at me different, like I am not expected to be like them. Like I’m from Mars lol.
I’ve accepted it. And I will continue to do whatever I can, so people will look up to me. I will do my best.
Because there will always be someone who actually needs the inspiration.

Nana Ray


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