The truth of the matter is: this has been Lent season, but I bet it has slipped your mind for some part of it.
I know that it is a holy season, but it gets a bit hypocritical because you are choosing just this time of year to be good…what does that mean? That you can be all types of person and do all kinds of atrocities? Do what you want to do and be of questionable character just because there will be those 40 days out of the 365 (or 366) where you will try to be good, just to repeat the cycle all over again?
Lent has lost meaning. It’s a personal thing, really. Because when I take a look around at all the things that happen in that time, I come to the conclusion that we haven’t come to a deeper understanding of what this season symbolises, and how important it is that we let it live in our hearts all year round.
People will get drunk on whatever they find, perform all kinds of acts of debauchery, and laugh it off, like it’s such a great thing. Get wasted. Talk trash about people. Oppress people’s rights.
I am not being judgemental. I admit that I’m also not perfect. I don’t go around getting high, but I forget. I gossip a bit. I forget to pray. I sail through the day idly, never taking one moment to stop and reflect on what Lent means to me.
But at least I realise that what I’ve been doing is not right, and I need to get my head straight. Do you? Then let’s act like it. Let’s show some reverence for the One, who is the reason for this season. Let’s use this time as a platform to get our lives to be better than before. Let’s trample over spiritual mediocrity and rise to places that enlighten us and fill us with hope. Let us keep this in our hearts, and strive to be better.

Nana Ray


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