They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Well, I wonder how many of us can attest to that.
Sometimes, it’s silly. Like, your own situation cannot possibly be the best there is. Your neighbour’s food is always more delicious. Your friends are always prettier. Their boobs are always bigger. Your siblings are always more outgoing. Others’ boyfriends are always perfect. Someone’s level of knowledge and understanding is always greater. There is just so much that is always happening on that other side, that we do not have the time for our own side of the bed. We spend so much time obsessing about “the beyond” that we start to lose our little portion of turf.
And after we lose it through neglect, we start to make a fuss about how unlucky we are, and how our stars are just never rightly aligned.
Like, really?
You want your grass to be just as green? Water it like you own an ocean. Yeah, you’re short but that makes it easier for someone to kiss the top of your head. Your boyfriend is not rich, but you can be a great influence, motivator and number one fan. Your marriage has problems, but you have to fan the flames, keep the fire burning, and make it work. Your job is not that fancy, but earn your keep, be faithful and resourceful, and you just might climb. Yes, you’re dark skinned but you are beautiful, you don’t need to tan, and you have lower risk of developing skin cancer. You’ve got “funny” legs- well, you can walk.
Use what you have to the best of your advantage. When God puts us on earth and walks us through, He has already given us what we need to make it through. We just have to find it within ourselves. We have to stop focussing on that which does not help us, and look at the seesaw closely. To every minus, there is a plus.
So don’t spend so much time staring through the binoculars and wishing for things that are not your portion. You are perfect the way you are. You’ve got what you need to make it. Just use it. MAKE IT WORK.

Nana Ray


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