The day you wake up and set yourself loose on a bunch of people, being crappy and all, is the day you will be remembered.

I don’t mean “Martin Luther” remembered; I mean “Hitler” remembered. I want to let you know that no one wakes up with the excitement of facing a tyrant.

I’m talking about supervisors. Supervisors who feel like they are Mount Kilimanjaro. I mean, you do NOT own the world. You have a pretty impressive résume to qualify you as a supervisor, but you own no one. So when you decide to demean your juniors, sending them on useless errands totally out of their scope, uhhh…what do you think you are doing? They will do it to impress you, but they will never truly give you the respect and reverence you desire. You’ll be like this dictator in their eyes. Idi Amin. All they will be doing is counting down the days, instead of actually learning. They’ll be plotting about what to do to you, even when they don’t have the resources to do it.

And immediately they have the chance to escape, they will. And I assure you that they will be sitting over there in their little cliques in the cocoons of their houses or at some hangout spot, eating fried chicken and talking about you. Do not be surprised if you get hiccups that just won’t go away with a whole bottle of water. The venom of their words shall be in your air, all that you breathe. It doesn’t go away. You become a lasting memory; the person people advise their kids not to become.

And you may have more people to torture, but blessings…man, I can’t say. I may be nice, but not everyone is that nice. People curse you till their mouths are dry, and you wonder why something in your life just won’t work.

So treat people like they matter. Strive to teach someone. No one is looking for crappiness. Trust me, almost everyone you see has had their fair share of annoyance and frustration. Treat people like people. Only your papers glorify you. That aside, we are all people- or as some people in my country say- “balya mmere” (people who eat food to survive). We create the beasts. When your juniors start to pull out their talons, do not complain. You deserve it, and so you must lay in the bed you made.
Just saying.


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