One of the things that makes me burst out in laughter is young “love”. Notice the quotes. More like toddler attraction.

In high school, while kids were getting some more independence and heading off to boarding school, discovering themselves and how they were changing, things started to get a bit funny.

First off, I was a tiny girl. I weighed like only 37kg…and then I saw all these other girls with their big “assets” and I’m thinking, “Girl, you’re just in senior one.” Life was different. I discovered lip balm…then lip gloss (the ultimate evil boy seducer lol).

And then people started to have boyfriends. That was the ultimate rite of passage. There was criteria- you couldn’t brag just about anybody. That did not fuel earth-shattering jealousy. And you needed people to be jealous of you to feel a sliver of popularity. So, you had to have the 7star boyfriend.
1) Boyfriend from a school that mattered (where they slept on bunk beds in crowded, smelly dorms lol).
2) Boyfriend with money (which he got from his parents’ bounty- double lol).
3) Boyfriend who wrote frequent letters on cool writing paper (wasting his time flirting instead of reading his books).
4) Boyfriend who was good looking (but probably had no brains in his head. Or if he did, he was playing you).
5) Boyfriend who was president or on the committee of cool school clubs such as Interact (which meant he had a philanthropic or leadership bone, but could also mean he was a money-waster)
6) Boyfriend who spoke great English (to distract you from the fact that he brought nothing else to the table)
7) Boyfriend who hang out at expensive places (again, preying on his parents’ hard earned cash- that leech!)

And that was the type of stuff we found cool. Girls ironed their hair (with flat irons) and cut their uniforms short to trap these little boys. Mbu “we’re in love“. Es tu dément? Let me start off by giving you a big haha and applauding you for the smile on your face at this little throwback. I want to know: how many of you are still together? Man, cheers if you are. You can laugh at my post.

But for those that aren’t, don’t you miss the days? The drama? The long conversations about that one icecream he bought you? The murdering anticipation of mail time- hoping you got a letter, maybe three? Playing a few boys? Strutting infront of boys at school functions slowly so they could see your flawless beauty and stop to talk to you later? And then at prom, you go dancing funny, sandwiched between boys, hands everywhere? Hormones are soooo evil! Like, how could someone look so desperate?

Yay for you that they found so cool. I was more comfortable sitting in the sidelines, watching all this drama. I am not some Frankensteinella. Please, give me some credit. However, you’d be so surprised what you can see from the bleachers of life.

I must admit: I actually miss those days!


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