The awkwardness of slowness

Well, you’ve been part of those conversations where someone says something and it takes like 5 minutes to mull over it and mini-obsess till it hits you, and you go, “ohhhhhhhh”

Well, in my defence, our accent does not differentiate certain words. So, while having a conversation with the intern president, imagine our surprise (me and my friends) when someone greets us and calls one of us a “first” lady. Instantly, our minds go to the fact that he means the president’s girlfriend, which is weird because none of us hold that title. So, of course, we ask for clarification. And the guy who brought it up says, “Not FIR but AST”, which makes it even worse because our minds have already been biased. We told him we’d chat more about it later.

Then, amongst ourselves, on our way home, we try to dissect it. And we obsess a bit more. Till it strikes me a minute later that he meant “fast” and not “first”…and I feel stupid. So I try to explain to my friends for the next couple of minutes till they get it. Because one of us walks really fast. And we all felt sooooo stupid! So absurd!

That ever happen to you?


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