So, I’ve been in this place for a few months now, and I have come to discover something called “The Principle of Hittation”. It states that if any female of age appears in any new location at any time t for a given period of time, all men of any age, beliefs and calibre will hit on her relentlessly till she gives the clear signal to proceed or cease.

Yeah, I think you are familiar with that, right? You probably do it yourself: make a run for “fresh meat”. It happens everywhere, to almost everyone. Ladies, you have been on the receiving end of this predicament…or you’ve probably been a “hitter” as well.
I’m astonished at how frequent it was. Some just stare at you each time, some are suggestive…some will tell you. But you are never left with a moment of peace. Someone is always around the corner. Be it an intern, a lab dude, a consultant…even a 50 year old store man. People want to turn others into the enemy sometimes. You have to keep declining, or going on meaningless dates just to soothe their ego. I mean, this thing hardly has a future. We are going to be going our separate ways in a couple of months, so please put your head out of utopia for just a sec and smell the coffee.

I am not saying that it is not possible to meet someone amazing, but these men hit on everything in a skirt. I bet they’d hit on a cup in a dress, LITERALLY. This weird man even hits on married and pregnant women (eye-roll). Some other strange guys tried to pick us up on the road IN A LORRY. Like for realz, A LORRY. So, yeah, they are obviously not on my list. Not like I have one, but if I was “recruiting”, I’d definitely skip them. Just because there’s a pretty female over there doesn’t mean you hit on her. Jeez! Like, dude, I don’t want to be chatted up by a random stranger, thank you very much. Be courteous enough to the people around you. What are you even going to talk about if you take her out? So be a friend in the very least and you will have a better starting point.


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