Ever feel like you’re doing so much work in a relationship?

Here’s the thing: I get tired of starting conversations. I feel like I’m not so great at making conversation. But when I have to start every conversation with my particular friends/ people ALL THE TIME, it kinda leaves me wondering: am I the only one holding on? Is there something I’m refusing to see? Have we spent so much time apart, and are we simply so different now that they think of me as part of some other world mutually exclusive from theirs? Have I become just a memory, even when they’ve got all my contact information? Am I the only one who thinks this relationship deserves to exist?

Well, do you ever feel this way?

Do you ever want to just throw in the towel and just be like “whatever”?

Well, I do. All the time. And yet, I go on and check up on everybody. Because that’s just me. So I just want to say something:

“Should I make the choice to drop it, don’t even squeak. DON’T YOU DARE. Just leave me be. Checking up on me once in a while must be laborious. I mean, even sending me a Christmas message is like forcing a man to give birth. After all, you must have felt like I was just keeping tabs on you; suffocating your life with my sugary, cloying niceness. So don’t keep tabs on me. When I go out of my way to make conversation, you make me strain out my five topics and just end it with a smiley. So please, cut me some slack and leave me be when I put a lid on it. I won’t even waste my smiley. Goes to show I’ve gotten tired of dragging out this relationship. There is absolutely no reason to subject any of us to this. So once we virtually break up, you be you, and I’ll be me. Perhaps when I miss you in a few years, I’ll check up on you. However, should that variable be non-existent, expect radio silence. However, it’ll be your loss because I’m going to have an awesome wedding, and it will be invite-only. What a shame to view those photos on facebook. I’m still giving you a chance. But once this chapter is closed, wetin dey help you? We’ll be nice, pretty history, wrapped in this post for you to see in the far future.
Oh well.”


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