​Week 2
Hey guys
Level with me. Do you ever feel like everything is leaving you behind? Your friends have jobs and you don’t. Your friends are getting married, and you aren’t even in a stable relationship. You are tired of being invited to parties because all they do is ask you what you have achieved so far, and you have no brilliant answer to give back. Frustration is sticking to you like a sweaty vest, and you feel so horrible each day. Possibly, waking up late doesn’t feel good anymore because you’re doing it way too often it kills!
Well, I understand you. I, too, am in that sort of predicament right now. A place of mild self doubt and half-hearted self motivation. You probably think I shouldn’t be giving you any advice at all. But don’t you worry.  Being in a similar boat means I get it. It means that we are at that lousy spot that makes our journey look wonderful when we get to our desrination. Do not despair. Everything will fall into place. Keep trusting and believing in God. He wants the best for you. Just let Him guide you through what you must do. And have yourself a great week! 


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