​Week 3
Courage is one really difficult thing to understand. I must be right in assuming that we are all born with varying portions of it, but our circumstances dampen our application of it.
We are good at making plans. We lay down what we’d like to be in future, or perhaps just what we want to achieve with brilliant ink on paper. Sometimes we go as far as drawing the schematic for getting there. However, setting the plan in actual motion finds our previously dancing feet stuck to the floor of non-progression by the heavy glue of self doubt, fear, and some laziness acrylate. 
I am not speaking arbitrary things. I have found myself in this situation more times than I’d care to count. Getting off that ground is so difficult at times, it feels like our feet are buried in cement. “What to do?” you wonder. 
But let’s make a pact this year. God has given us all the resources we need, and He is actually always by your side. Let’s take that first step. Let’s rip our feet out of that cement…perhaps off that crippling glue. Let’s set our plans in motion. Let’s pray for God to bless the fruit of our minds and the works of our hands. Let us grip some courage. Let’s buy some courage for a dollar. We can do this, guys. Let’s fight the lazy status quo. Let’s rise.



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