​Week 4
Hi guys! Doing great, I hope.
So, let’s get talk about something important real quick. We’ve all seen these lovely messages that spread like wild fire, imploring us to send to 10 or more peoppe with the promise of breakthrough, or sometimes the threat of being a child of God.
But let me ask you this: when has there ever been a price for God’s grace or His blessings? How could that possibly be a fitting and worthy barter with God for His grace- send some and I give you? So what gives you the “courage” to tell me I’ll get 7 years of bad luck if I don’t send a prayer? A prayer?! A beautiful prayer, nontheless, carrying a weighty threat! Where is it written in the Bible that a facebook like or share will earn me God’s favour? Please, I need to know urgently. So if I said a prayer in my heart, that wouldn’t count? Like, for real? I must prove my godliness by sending the message thirty times? That’s what we’ve decimated the wonderful joy of prayer and life to? To “ignore this and you love the devil”? 
I am way past those messages. I will keep scrolling, that’s for sure. I’m way over those threats. I don’t care if it’s a ploy to get more likes or whatever other reason. If I’m going to pray for you, I WILL pray. And I do love God-I’m nothing without Him. I will not spread fear to my brothers and sisters out there, all disguised in the name of the Lord. I refuse to be the tool that sends a text that implies that not sending means devil worship. This issue is really close to my heart, because I feel like we are just tattering the purpose God intends.
So, I implore you to change and not be driven by fear of ominous stuff spreading through spiritual blackmail.

God loves you, and He works His miracles in you. He gives you the grace to bless others. He works in you to will and to do for His good pleasure. When you send your friends a prayer the next time, send it purely out of your heart and goodwill for them, and not because some masked angelic text “forced” you to do so.
And again, God loves you mucho!

#Enjoy life, enjoy 2017!


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