​Week 5
Hi! I really hope you are well!
I’m such a bookie. This week, I’ve decided to write about two books I’ve read. I may or may not influence you. I may be harsh. I am definitely giving amateur reviews (if you can call them reviews). So let’s get into this:
1) Leo by Mia Sheridan

There is so much talk about this book; ratings on Goodreads are good, so I wondered what the fuss was all about. And I do have a soft spot for romance so I got it. And read it. And almost barfed. Not like how people play-barf at romance, but like real barf. It’s supposed to have a real cute back story and all, but my goodness! I found it utterly unrealistic (as regards element of time) and unromantic (too much cliche sex it hurts). The characters are all falling over each other as though…I can’t even describe it. Weird meeting, weird friendship…girl, aren’t you scared of real ax murderers? Now many people will hate on me, saying I’ve never been in love, that I’m a typical romance hater…but no. NO. I did not love it. Mia Sheridan, I bet you are an amazing person, but this book, it just fell flat on the romance and awwwww-ness. 
2) The Girl on the Train

Psychological thriller is indeed one of my best genres now! The way the emotions are articulated, and the way you’re on edge the entire time, wondering what happened. Checking to see how many pages are left. Sleeping at 4:00am and even feeling bad for sleeping. This is a classic example of how the movie does the book absolutely NO justice! The book is brilliant; Gone-Girl-esque! Paula Hawkins writes a brilliant piece on the darkness of marriage, and how sometimes, indeed, you cannot always know someone through and through. The accentuation of one’s faults by the other partner, non-commitment and suffocation, fat lies and betrayal, heart break and utter shock. I’m rating this book 7.5 out of 10 for entertaining me thoroughly. I would definitely recommend it for Gone Girl fans, anyone into psych thriller or trying to get into it, and mystery lovers. You will not regret it!
The statements above are simply opinions. Everyone is entitled to theirs, and so do not feel pressured by mine to sway yours.

Though I guess you can take up my opinions hehehe!
Well, take care. Have a great week! Remember, God loves you mucho!
2017, let’s do this!


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