​Week 13
Hi guys! So, this week, I read a book that totally involved my senses and reached my gut.
Tamar Cohen’s “War of the Wives”!
A brilliant read about a woman who has been married for 28 years, whose husband dies, and at the funeral discovers his other “wife” of more than ten years!!!!! Drama, or drama?! Worry not; there are no spoilers here!
I have seen movies about this. It has been a topic for discussion in friendship circles. But I had never read it, much less than that. Tamar takes us into the minds of these two women and shows us the nuances of emotional fragility, lability, darkness, and the other side of love. You hate the characters, and then you sympathise and relate a little, and then you pull out your hair in anger! 
The shrapnel that destroys the loving picture you have, and the children caught up in this whole sticky web! Man, I was just flipping pages and hoping it wasn’t daylight already! But more so, I was immersed, as though it was me experiencing all this, and for me that is mighty high on my list- to feel involved. 
To Tamar Cohen, for entertaining me immensely and making me sleep so late, 4 out of 5 stars, babes! I can’t wait to read more!
God bless you!
2017, let’s do this! 


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