Week 30

Good day to you, my fair people. I don’t actually talk like that- I just wanted to take the time to bring you round to one little point.

Life is serious.

But, honey, not so serious as to make you forget to let go once in a while and be free to do whatever you desire. Not so serious that you cannot smile, perhaps laugh at something silly. You can actually sit back, raise your feet, sip some tea (or if you are into coffee, then by all means go right ahead), watch some TV, read a good book, start a conversation, draw a picture, seek humour in simple things…do something to remind yourself that life is not all about spreadsheets and hard-to-achieve targets.

I know, I know; some of you may be thinking: does she know what she is talking about? Does she know what I do?

  1. I am a doctor! saving lives is an all-hours job!
  2. It took me 10 years to get this job! I do not have the time to dillydally!
  3. I run my own business- I do not have the time for crossword puzzles
  4. She must be bored with her life- spending time writing useless blogs

Well, yeah, maybe, but when you tell the story of your life to your progeny or whoever looks up to you, they don’t want to hear about how you just can’t get away from the hustle and bustle. Even in job interviews, they ask you about hobbies- what you do when you are not working.

Maybe work is your life- I totally get that. But work at making it not all about work.

Let go, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Enjoy life!

#2017, let’s do this!


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