​Week 13
Hi guys! So, this week, I read a book that totally involved my senses and reached my gut.
Tamar Cohen’s “War of the Wives”!
A brilliant read about a woman who has been married for 28 years, whose husband dies, and at the funeral discovers his other “wife” of more than ten years!!!!! Drama, or drama?! Worry not; there are no spoilers here!
I have seen movies about this. It has been a topic for discussion in friendship circles. But I had never read it, much less than that. Tamar takes us into the minds of these two women and shows us the nuances of emotional fragility, lability, darkness, and the other side of love. You hate the characters, and then you sympathise and relate a little, and then you pull out your hair in anger! 
The shrapnel that destroys the loving picture you have, and the children caught up in this whole sticky web! Man, I was just flipping pages and hoping it wasn’t daylight already! But more so, I was immersed, as though it was me experiencing all this, and for me that is mighty high on my list- to feel involved. 
To Tamar Cohen, for entertaining me immensely and making me sleep so late, 4 out of 5 stars, babes! I can’t wait to read more!
God bless you!
2017, let’s do this! 



​Week 11, 12
The church.

Much as many of us know it as a place of worship, we also understand that it’s us, Christians. We are Christ’s bride, the church. 
This week, I have realised something very harsh. I’ve realised that Christians are not angels. They are just “people”. I don’t mean it in a rude way. I am just really disappointed in the fact that we can clean up our outside image to appear Christian, but still go about to gossip, say hurtful things to people, bring others down, pulling prickly strings behind others. I’m very disappointed. I’m a strong Christian; this would never throw me away from my God. The relationship I have with God has a strong foundation, and I wouldn’t just be swayed by a human being.
However, I know that there are many people out there that just don’t have faith in God anymore because His servants are way too wordly and profess Christ only in word. Hypocrites, they call them.
I understand the whole “come as you are” thing. But 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come”. You lay aside your old ways of the sinful nature. You be as Christ is. Yes, it doesn’t take a day…but you try, for you are in Christ.
Am I speaking to anyone here? Does anyone feel so disappointed like this sometimes? Have you given up on God, just because of His ambasdadors? Do you feel like you want to grow in your faith, but the obstacles are too present? Does it make you cry to know/see your fellow Christians act like this?
One thing to remember is that we are the “Bible” that some people read. I know, all that “forces of human nature” business often gets in our way. But keep on keeping on. Don’t make your brother/ sister fall. Do not lead them away. We are fishers of men (Matthew 4:19). We are ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:16).
Let’s change. Let’s be better. Let’s be like Christ. Let’s be truly church.
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 10





That’s a woman.

That gorgeous smile, that nurturing spirit, that courageous story.
It’s Women’s Day. Yay! Please let’s not be rude or mean or pissy about the women in our lives today. 
Look to your mum, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, friend, boss, shop lady, whatever, and just wish her a happy women’s day. Forget for a bit all that stuff that she has done to annoy you. Show her that you respect her; that you care. Buy her lunch. Compliment her dress. Do the housework. Listen to her. Whatever you do, please do not finish the day without honouring at least one woman. Surely, she deserves it. See her? God took his time to make her. He has a purpose for her life, even though you might loathe her. She is a woman of substance.
And to all ladies, I respect you mucho. Happy Women’s Day! Be blessed!
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 9
Hi people? How are we? Good? Because it’s that time of year again, and I need to say something.
What time, you ask. Lent period. You know, that time that comes about like an annual landlord and many of us start pretending to be holier-than-thou in the public eye and promising change, with that ash on our foreheads as we sing “kumbayah”. That time when we have longer skirts and softer answers, living on practically vegan diets. That time some pull out their dusty rosary necklaces and rings. We’ve all done it at one point or another. Setting goals like:

-I’ll stop drinking/ never drink again

-I won’t smoke anymore

(Hon, sometimes the above are addictions, you can’t stop in a sec)

-I’ll do or not do xyz

But for how long? Oh, as long as it’s Lent. So 40 days then. Let’s be shiny and pretty for the world for 40 days, and then we can remove that stifling belt of “properness” and return to our true selves, the ones we are comfortable with. The loud ones that “have fun” and “have a life”.
Well, this is 2017. I would like to challenge you (and myself for sure). It’s not just about partial witholding of stuff (or fasts that don’t actually mean anything). I would like you to look at an area of your life that matters a lot to you. A habit, a wish, whatever. I would like you to picture your ideal versus your reality, and make the decision to work towards your ideal, NO MATTER WHAT. I would like for you to take this very seriously. Get on those knees and thank God for your life so far, and the journey ahead. Make that commitment to God to better your life and move in the direction He needs you to take. Please do not recline on laziness and worldliness. Throw away the chains of status quo and past mistakes and passive realities, and do yourself a solid. Involve God in ALL your decisions-that’s the only way to go.
I want to tell you (and myself) that it will NOT be easy most of the time. But we are going to ask God for confidence and perseverance. We are going to alter stuff in our lives FOR OURSELVES, not just because everyone has Lent fever. Remember Romans 8:28 (KJV- And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose).
This Lent seaaon is going to change your life, but only with your permission. Please take a chance to be better than you’ve been. This is on a whole other deep, spiritual level.
And don’t throw away prayer. Speak oft with thy Lord. Ask Him to lead you not into temptation. He is gracious and faithful. Just you wait and see!
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 8
To have disappontment roll off people in waves! Man! People are way too disappointing for life! Imagine agreeing about something super important with people, and them being all hyper agreeable, and then when the actual time reaches, they don’t show or they change their minds.
Please do your best not to disappoint people. You already know how horrible it feels.
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 7
Are you there, feeling like it’s all just come down, like there’s no way out? You’re too crushed and regretful and frustrated by your portion of life? Do you know that God is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL that you could ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20)? You’re not a pauper! Your Father is a King! Even if you asked for a million Ferraris and the world, you still probably couldn’t fathom what He can give you. A God of love that has you in mind; that calls you by name, that rescues you even when you can’t see the trap. That God that guides you and roots for you, and never leaves your side. The God of plentiful blessings. The God that loves you to bits! So please do not wallow. Simply trust in God and follow His lead. Cheer up. You were made for so much more!!!!!
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 6
This week, I just want to tell you that God has blessed you with everything that you could possibly need to get to where you are supposed to be. You are whole, and I beg you to never ingest the idea that you are less than perfect. Please have faith in yourself. A little faith goes so far. Besides, who is willing to bother if you are not willing to trust in yourself and your ability to do things? Take charge of your life, but always have faith in God.
You were made for so much more than what your eye can see now. Believe it. I’m not rambling. I’m speaking it into your life. You are a great person, just never doubt that.
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 5
Hi! I really hope you are well!
I’m such a bookie. This week, I’ve decided to write about two books I’ve read. I may or may not influence you. I may be harsh. I am definitely giving amateur reviews (if you can call them reviews). So let’s get into this:
1) Leo by Mia Sheridan

There is so much talk about this book; ratings on Goodreads are good, so I wondered what the fuss was all about. And I do have a soft spot for romance so I got it. And read it. And almost barfed. Not like how people play-barf at romance, but like real barf. It’s supposed to have a real cute back story and all, but my goodness! I found it utterly unrealistic (as regards element of time) and unromantic (too much cliche sex it hurts). The characters are all falling over each other as though…I can’t even describe it. Weird meeting, weird friendship…girl, aren’t you scared of real ax murderers? Now many people will hate on me, saying I’ve never been in love, that I’m a typical romance hater…but no. NO. I did not love it. Mia Sheridan, I bet you are an amazing person, but this book, it just fell flat on the romance and awwwww-ness. 
2) The Girl on the Train

Psychological thriller is indeed one of my best genres now! The way the emotions are articulated, and the way you’re on edge the entire time, wondering what happened. Checking to see how many pages are left. Sleeping at 4:00am and even feeling bad for sleeping. This is a classic example of how the movie does the book absolutely NO justice! The book is brilliant; Gone-Girl-esque! Paula Hawkins writes a brilliant piece on the darkness of marriage, and how sometimes, indeed, you cannot always know someone through and through. The accentuation of one’s faults by the other partner, non-commitment and suffocation, fat lies and betrayal, heart break and utter shock. I’m rating this book 7.5 out of 10 for entertaining me thoroughly. I would definitely recommend it for Gone Girl fans, anyone into psych thriller or trying to get into it, and mystery lovers. You will not regret it!
The statements above are simply opinions. Everyone is entitled to theirs, and so do not feel pressured by mine to sway yours.

Though I guess you can take up my opinions hehehe!
Well, take care. Have a great week! Remember, God loves you mucho!
2017, let’s do this!


​Week 4
Hi guys! Doing great, I hope.
So, let’s get talk about something important real quick. We’ve all seen these lovely messages that spread like wild fire, imploring us to send to 10 or more peoppe with the promise of breakthrough, or sometimes the threat of being a child of God.
But let me ask you this: when has there ever been a price for God’s grace or His blessings? How could that possibly be a fitting and worthy barter with God for His grace- send some and I give you? So what gives you the “courage” to tell me I’ll get 7 years of bad luck if I don’t send a prayer? A prayer?! A beautiful prayer, nontheless, carrying a weighty threat! Where is it written in the Bible that a facebook like or share will earn me God’s favour? Please, I need to know urgently. So if I said a prayer in my heart, that wouldn’t count? Like, for real? I must prove my godliness by sending the message thirty times? That’s what we’ve decimated the wonderful joy of prayer and life to? To “ignore this and you love the devil”? 
I am way past those messages. I will keep scrolling, that’s for sure. I’m way over those threats. I don’t care if it’s a ploy to get more likes or whatever other reason. If I’m going to pray for you, I WILL pray. And I do love God-I’m nothing without Him. I will not spread fear to my brothers and sisters out there, all disguised in the name of the Lord. I refuse to be the tool that sends a text that implies that not sending means devil worship. This issue is really close to my heart, because I feel like we are just tattering the purpose God intends.
So, I implore you to change and not be driven by fear of ominous stuff spreading through spiritual blackmail.

God loves you, and He works His miracles in you. He gives you the grace to bless others. He works in you to will and to do for His good pleasure. When you send your friends a prayer the next time, send it purely out of your heart and goodwill for them, and not because some masked angelic text “forced” you to do so.
And again, God loves you mucho!

#Enjoy life, enjoy 2017!

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